Oh hi there, and welcome to Courthouse Youth Arts’ first ever blog! Exciting, isn’t it?

First off, let’s start with a little bit of background on CHYA – I know, I know, it’s boring, but bear with me. CHYA was founded twenty years ago! That’s right, CHYA is a nineties baby.

First founded in 1996, CHYA was established as a beacon for the arts within Geelong, using a historical building and re-purposing it with an ironic twist. What was once a building that had punished young kids was now a building that helped them succeed and prosper in life.

However, over the years the building truly began to show its age, so in 2008 the building underwent a full remodel. Since then, CHYA has continued to grow becoming one of the best known art centres within Geelong.

CHYA now holds multiple events per year! From gallery shows – for both aspiring visual artists as well as more prominent, established artists – to performance pieces and even some competitions.

The point of this blog to help keep everyone up to date – not only with things that will be happening at CHYA in the near future, but also to show you some of the cool things that we have done over the years!

Well that’s it for the first blog! I hope you enjoyed reading it, and stay tuned for more updates soon!

The CHYA team.