In amidst the busy workload of studying Geospatial Science at RMIT, Fila Losi sat down and created a collection of works for an exhibition. Titled, ‘The Alien Leaves’, the exhibition ran at CHYA from April 11-25 and was inspired by Fila’s fascination with the unknown. We had a brief chat with her about her studies, the pieces and how art fits into her life.

Congrats on the recent exhibition with CHYA, how did you find the whole experience?

Thanks! The exhibition was great and helped me understand how much work and care goes in to displaying artwork at Courthouse Youth Arts. It was a wonderful learning experience for me and I’m really glad I got the opportunity to exhibit my works!

You’re currently studying Geospatial Science at RMIT, are you able to fill our readers in on what the course entails?

Sure! Geospatial science is all about using technology to understand and analyse relationships between humans, places and processes of the earth. Some key subjects that I have completed so far include:

-Satellite physics and statistics
-Spatial information science
-Remote sensing and photogrammetry

Given your tertiary study is away from art, how did you first come to creating art and what was your first memory of it?

I have been drawing since I was little with my first memory being painting a picture of a rabbit in kindergarten and creating strange pictures out of stamps. In high school, art and studio arts was always one of my favourite subjects and I attended after school art lessons for several years throughout high school.

And how did the exhibition at CHYA come to fruition?

My sister (Izzy Losi) encouraged me to send Amber an email to ask if she would be interested in allowing me to exhibit some of my paintings. Amber said yes and the rest fell into place from there!

The exhibition explores unknown beings and the unexplainable, what first drew your interest early on to these subject matters?

I’ve always loved planets, space and thinking about what is out there in the unknown. I also love watching movies and reading books about science fiction. As a result, I found myself doodling strange pictures of aliens on a notebook one day. It was really fun to imagine what aliens might look like when they’re not pictured as large scary creatures. Who knows, maybe they like binge watching TV shows too? My artworks tend to show a softer side of aliens who are often (mistakenly?) pictured as being evil and menacing.

What do you enjoy most of expressing these topics through the medium of art?

I mostly enjoy just being able to use my imagination and go wild with ideas that help to bring the aliens to life on canvas. I also love experimenting with pattern and colour and trying to incorporate these with my aliens. I find painting and drawing really calming and it’s hard to stop me from working when I get an idea for an artwork!

What do you hope attendees took away from your exhibition?

I hope they found some enjoyment in my creations and even took away a smile. I also hope they left the exhibition thinking about what we are yet to discover about space and what might be out there.

Lastly, how did you find the experience working with CHYA?

Working with CHYA is great, they take so much care with your works and all exhibitions have a very professional feel. I’d like to thank Amber and Trav for all their efforts in setting up my exhibition and to everyone who attended!

Fila’s exhibition ‘The Alien Leaves’ showed at CHYA from April 11 until April 25.

All images taken by Leikography.