We’ve been keeping busy at Courthouse Youth Arts HQ with lots of things happening over the next few months, kicking off with a double-header gallery opening this Friday, July 13. Below is a list of what else we’ve got going on.

Double-header Gallery Opening – Joshua Maxwell de Hoog and Pascalle Bailey

Opening night 6-8pm, Friday July 13

In his new show, Toys in my Dreams, Joshua Maxwell de Hoog creates the toys that he was never allowed to have as a child; in turn creating an idyllic, imaginary and regressive creative space in which his conceptions take precedence. From paintings of theorised toys, to sculpted prototypes- this show is sure to get your inner child intrigued.

Pascalle Bailey’s latest body of work, human., analyses the experiences of humanness, focusing on the interaction between logic and emotion. human. thoughtfully explores themes of love, mental health and self-perception.

Giddy Up Nursee!!

7.30pm, Friday August 3

Judi Walker trained as a nurse at Mooroopna Base Hospital and draws on this experience and the ensuing forty years as she weaves her tale. Judi’s warts and all presentation is crammed with her opinions on all things relating to nursing and a little bit more.

Her observations on everything from the good old days to advancements in technology and all things in between are beautifully crafted with never a dull moment. Student nurses will learn a lot, practicing nurses will relate a lot and retired nurses will remember a lot!

Poems from her book Nursee Rhymes: Have You Seen My Uterus? are interwoven throughout her performance as we learn the inspiration behind her verses. But don’t be fooled, this show is not just for nurses.

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The Suitcase Series: ATOMIC

9am, Thursday November 8

Students on camp imagine the world they’d like to live in. A man invents a drug that will save millions of people, sowing the seeds of a population explosion. A flower sees plastic for the first time. A kaleidoscope of absurd and poignant vignettes, ATOMIC explores the power of humans to change the world – knowingly and unknowingly, for better or worse.

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The Nose

7.30pm, August 10 and 11

A radical adaptation by THE BLOOMSHED transforms Nikolai Gogol’s famous short story into something reflective of the dystopian post-paradise of 2018.

A CEO is crying in front of a mirror. His nose is gone. Worse. It’s running through the city streets dressed up as the President of Honduras. This is the moment its been waiting for. This is its chance for freedom. Disparate narratives collide around the missing appendage, as the CEO tries to win back some control. THE NOSE is a hilarious farce about people falling to pieces amid total economic chaos.

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Thrill of the Chase by Annabelle Mannings

Opening night 6-8pm, Friday August 17

“This exhibition started off with a set of ideas that I intended to work to. The closer the time came, I realised that as an artist my mission is to learn and continually improve. I am fascinated with the process of building an illusion with colour and value. This fascination drives my desire to refine my skill-set, to see how far I can take my work. What you see here is a result of that drive: months of playing in my studio, recapturing the real reason I create- because I love the thrill of the chase,” Annabelle Mannings.

The Hope Song

7.30pm, Friday October 12

Can you imagine a bird pecking in your head all the time? And feeling like there is a woman screaming through your insides all the time? That’s what it’s like on a bad day.

Seven actors take us on a journey that attests to the enduring power of hope. In this honest and moving new play, souls are bared in a potent piece of Verbatim Theatre, which offers fascinating insights into the people whose portraits make up The Hope Song.

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