The Courthouse Theatre has been the home to many ideas, performances and productions; a place where art lives and breathes. With collapsible rows of seats, lighting rigs and stage curtains, the versatile space is an equipped rehearsal playground by day and whatever you want it to be by night.


• 140 Seat Venue

• Wheelchair Access

• 2 Dressing Rooms & Private Restroom (includes shower)

• Functional Loading Dock

• Professional Lighting Rig

• Powerful Sound System

• Pointed Spotlight

• Data Projector

• Baby-Grand Piano

• Large White Cyclorama

• Deep Black Masking

• Push-button House Curtain


$700 full day / $350 half day


Three-day rate: $1,800


Weekly rate (Tues – Sat): $3,000


Tech: an additional $40 per hour


*Minimum hire is 4 hours*

$490 full day / $245 half day


Three-day rate: $1,250 community


Weekly rate (Tues – Sat): $2,100 community


Tech: an additional $40 per hour


*Minimum hire is 4 hours*

For all venue booking inquiries, please email our friendly operations coordinator: Travis Don at