This Way North are heading to Courthouse Youth Arts on Friday, April 13 and in celebration we’re opening the support slot up to Geelong musicians.

Soloists and Duos aged between 12-16 can apply to be the supporting band for this show – and yes, it will still be a paid opportunity. The musician(s) will also be able to get a little bit of mentoring from This Way North as well – who have had considerable experience touring, gigging and recording.

Meeting at ArtsWells festival, Cat Leahy and Leisha Jungalwalla joined forces to form This Way North: a left of centre duo with a universally appealing groove and melody. Since 2017 they’ve been touring almost non-stop – so would definitely have a few words of wisdom to share on the matter.

*** Thank you to all the artists who applied for this opportunity! ***
We are pleased to announce that This Way North will be supported by local Geelong musicians Joni Gardner and Rach Brennan 
Image by NZ photographer Daniela Aebli Photography. Follow This Way North on Facebook.