Have you had the chance to check out some of the theatre shows that have been displayed at the Courthouse Youth Arts over the last few years?

Here’s a breakdown of what we’ve had on offer:

Voicebox 2016:

Led by the 2016 Creative Collective.

A small team of young people have come together to create ‘I Am’, a journey through a fictional mind.

I Am draws viewers into the mind of Esther Greenwood – a troubled and complex character created by author Sylvia Plath. Our writers combined elements of Plath’s life itself, her poetry and her iconic novel The Bell Jar to create this fascinating and unnerving piece of theatre.

Voicebox 2015:

The 2015 voice theme was “Abandonment”.

Bringing six writers together, we presented them with the concept of “Abandonment” and told them to let their imagination soar. What they returned with were six stunning monologues which each approached the idea of “Abandonment” with very differing perspectives and charms.

FONY 2013:

Written and directed by Ross Mueller and Georgina Capper.

Some kid tells the whole world about his drug bust in Bali via Facebook.

Some guy becomes famous for making a video about child soldiers in Africa, but becomes even more famous for freaking out and running around the streets of San Diego naked.

Meanwhile a cat called Night Crawler speaks on YouTube and gets over a million hits. But all of these seem trivial now that @TotesBianca_91 is being forced to change her status to “single” and she is being de-friended faster than that guy falling to earth from the stratosphere. I mean, he didn’t actually do it, but if he did, it would’ve been amazing.

 “They say I’m a drug addict, and they say I’m a liar. They say I have bad hair, a controlling personality and secret piercings. One or two might be telling the truth.  Everyone else is a Fony. Just like Gaga before me, and Kylie before her, and Madonna before her, and Bowie before her and Jagger at about the same time as him, I have to reinvent myself. @TotesBianca_91 must die. Again.”

Have you had the chance to see any of the performances? If you haven’t, watch this space – there’s sure to be more on the way!

The CHYA Team.