Darcy Gaynor is a local young artist with a passion for self-expression and a talent for visual art. Through the years, Darcy has dedicated himself to the art of painting. This November 28th, Darcy Gaynor exhibits his work in our CHYA Foyer Gallery. In anticipation for his upcoming exhibition, we sat down with Darcy to talk all things art, creative expression, and a cheeky little mention of Lord of the Rings.

K: You have a lot of creative energy based off of your impressive list of accomplishments and accolades.
It’s clear that you have a lot of creative talent, why does painting/visual art resonate with you most?

Darcy: It resonates with me because I feel like it’s such a great way to express myself on the
canvas; It’s a great way of putting myself out there and showing others what can do.

K: How long have you been long painting?

Darcy: I’ve been painting for a couple of years now, since senior high school, but before then I was
drawing and sketching. I would sketch for fun, sketch every night before I’d go to bed. After high-school, I went to TAFE to study visual arts for two years.

K: So it’s been something that’s always there, your love for visual art and as you’ve grown, its
grown with you.

Darcy: Absolutely!

K: What’s your favourite thing to paint or favourite style of painting?

Darcy: I don’t really have a fave style of painting, but I go back and forth between a few. My
personal art style would be landscapes, celebrity and animal portraits and illustrations for
a children’s book I wrote.

K: That’s so cool! All that creative energy! What do you think inspires all that? Is it a particular place, person or thing?

Darcy: The countryside where I live inspires me, nature, I’m surrounded by fields and the outback; the
land that stretches wide and the open sky. As for who inspires me, there’s Tony Saulsbury, whose a famous artist, and my aunt, Anne-Marie Gaynor, shes also an artist! She inspires me to do it.

K: Random question, what’s your favourite book, film or album?

Darcy: Well the book and film question is easy, Lord of the Rings of course! As for favourite album, I don’t really
have a favourite album or music genre, I like all kinds but, I’m really fond of David Bowie
While he lasted, Ed Sheeran, Radiohead, KISS…

K: What’s next for you? Where do you see yourself taking your art? Where do you see your art
taking you?

Darcy: Next year I’m going to try and produce more paintings, have my work featured in more gallery exhibitions and
hopefully get my first book published. I’m hoping to get more work in the acting industry, I’ve been
on Wentworth as an extra and also on The Whistleblower, the film the was filmed here in Geelong city
a few weeks ago.

K: What kind of book are you working on?

Darcy: A fantasy children’s book!

K: What advice do you have for young artists and young creatives out there?

Darcy: I’ve been thinking about it for some time. I’d advise them to never give up, to follow your
instincts, regardless of what anyone says or thinks or how they judge and I would encourage
them to give it a shot. I believe that people can do it, you’ll never get it right the first time, but
when you keep trying and keep at it, you’ll learn new techniques and new things about
yourself and it always pays off.

K: Anything else you want to say, Darcy?

Darcy: I can also play the piano!

K: No way!

Darcy: Yeah, I could play the Game of Thrones theme song. I can’t wait for the next season!

K: Any other hidden talents?

Darcy: Trampolining.

K: Amazing! That’s another thing as well, you’re so young and you’re so busy, how do you find the time for
your art?

Darcy: Days off. Whenever I have a spare minute or two.

K: And you don’t get sick of it.

Darcy: Never.