With Festival of Sails this weekend, we thought we’d run through a few of the musicians heading to our stage. The best part? They’re all local talents and you can catch them for free at the Transvaal Square stage.

Immy Owusu

Immanuel Kwabena Dreessens-Owusu is a multi-instrumental songwriter known primarily as the drummer for young indigenous powerhouse Yirrmal and former drummer for Indie-Rockers Children of the Sun. In 2016 he went over to West Africa to study with his grandfather Koo Nimo, a highly renowned Ghanaian High-Life musician, who taught him to play the Afro styles of Dagomba and Palm Wine Hi-Life. He returned from Ghana with a quirky new brand of Afro Roots-Rock. Find Immy Owusu on Facebook.

Isaac Wright

Isaac Wright is an acoustic singer, songwriter and musician based in the small town of Geelong. His influences come from artists such as The Classic Crime, Ed Sheeran, The Icarus Account and Mayday Parade.

Isaac delivers performances that tug on the heart strings of the listener through the message in his songs but then quickly balance out by his comedic on stage shenanigans and down to earth connection with the audience. Find Isaac on Facebook.

Edmund Mantelli

Edmund Mantelli is a young singer/songwriter who from the age of four has been playing and creating music. Edmund mainly performs his original songs which capture a range of raw, groovy and pop elements. He uses jazzy chords to create catchy tunes. In 2015 Edmund won the Queenscliff Music Festival ‘Foot-In-The-Door’ Competition and in 2017 released a 5 track EP with a band under the project name ‘Fan Palm’. Edmund has written 12 new songs for Fan Palm to release, some of which will be played in his solo set on Sunday at the Festival of Sails. Find Edmund on Facebook.

Demi Monique

Demi Monique composes raw, soul-drenched music. Her visceral pieces are inspired by her own experiences as she reflects on disillusionment and distress in performances that are both brooding and captivating. One can hear traces of artists such as Nina Simone and Laura Nyro in her work.
In anticipation of her debut release ‘After Tonight’, Demi Monique will be performing at the Festival of Sails on Sunday 28th of January at 3pm. For future shows and releases check out her Facebook.

Image by Patrick Callow.

Ilah Watson

Ilah Watson is a 16-year-old singer/songwriter who hails from Geelong. She has been playing piano, ukulele and guitar for three years and takes listeners on a raw Indi-folk journey. Ilah is grateful to her guitar teachers who have been the driving force behind her entering talent competitions; busking and uploading of originals and covers onto social media. She can be found on YouTube, Instagram, and Sound Cloud.

Flawed Peace

Flawed Peace is a based duo comprising Callum Watson and Carlo Muncey. Callum Watson is an award winning pianist and composer on the cutting edge of both Jazz and Classical music. Geelong Advertiser recently named him one of “the most creatively gifted musicians in the state” and he recently won the Margaret Schofield Scholarship for composition. Carlo Muncey is a guitarist and vocalist with an interest in a wide variety of music ranging from Stevie Ray Vaughn to Karlheinz Stockhausen. This interesting and entertaining collaboration plays regularly around Geelong and the Surf Coast building a strong following in the region. Find them on Facebook.

For the full set times and other acts, visit out Facebook event page. Catch these musicians and more this weekend for free at the Courthouse Youth Arts stage at the Festival of Sails.