With so many talented artists and creatives in the region, and with our next market on its way, we thought we’d introduce a few of the lovely locals who will be selling their wares.

Who are you and what is your business?

My name is Jo Natnicha Wongfoofan. I am a Thai born self-taught artist who has called Australia home for over 8 years. I live in Belmont, Geelong and work in Torquay.

Growing up with a ‘crafty’ family I was always inspired by my surroundings.
Dad: a bamboo weaving master of the village.
Mum: a sewer, all beddings and linens at home were her works
Sister: a crochet creator.

So I put them all together in to my Illustration Embroidery Art. My work is something unique about Australia, Geelong and the Surf Coast, Travel and Everyday Inspirations.

How would you describe it in a sentence?

Illustration Embroidery Art by Jo Natnicha

Describe your ideal customer?

Anyone who loves to be inspired by illustration art in a new way. When they see the picture it’s not just a line, it is a deep thread through all the processes which make it different.

What is it you love about creating?

As someone said: ‘You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have’. It is absolutely true. I love that feeling when I see things and that moment pops up and ‘Ooh I can sew that!’ So I often take a snap on my iPhone and create it later.

Hooray Hoop is appearing at our next Maker’s Market Friday on November 17 from 4-7pm. 

You can follow Hooray Hoop on Facebook and Instagram. Find out more info on the event here.