With so many talented artists and creatives in the region, and with our next market on its way, we thought we’d introduce a few of the lovely locals who will be selling their wares.

Who are you and what is your business?

My name is Jack Grayson, I’m 20 years old currently living between Melbourne and Geelong as I study animation and design at RMIT. My work mainly focuses on illustrative, cartoon imagery, using original concepts and popular characters as the main subject matters. I also work a lot in animation, creating short cartoons in a variety of styles and techniques.

How would you describe it in a sentence?

Bright, fun, and kind of dumb 😛

Describe your ideal customer?

My ideal customer is someone who enjoys all things colourful and pop culture. My work is not overly serious in it’s subject matter, it’s more about having fun and creating something dynamic and enjoyable.

What is it you love about creating?

Creating makes up the majority of my personality and identity. It’s what my work and study all revolve around and it allows me to express myself and share my ideas and passions with lots of people. Also it’s really fun, which is a bonus.

You can follow Jack on Instagram and Facebook. Find out more about the event here.