The rising Melbournian comedian is coming to Geelong and his bringing all his rips and gags with him. If you were lucky enough to score some tickets to tomorrow’s gig, here’s what to expect on The Luke Kidgell Tambourine Tour.

Q: What can audiences expect? 
Luke: Some ripper gags.
Q: What’s the story behind the tambourine? 
Luke: It’s a very long story, hence the show I’m doing but essentially I decided to spontaneously take it to Thailand with me for no reason, and now the Tambo has been all around the world with me and seen some pretty crazy stuff.
Q: Is laughter really the best medicine?
Luke: Nah, go see a doctor.
Q: What would you say to aspiring young comics? Or people who look up to you in one way or another?
Luke: Travel around the world with a tambourine and milk the same joke for a year and a half, that would be funny as. But also never give up.
Q: What’s next for you?

Luke: I mean whats literally next is driving home from Geelong, hopefully, I get a good run on the ring road. But mainly just a lot of percussion-based content.

Luke Kidgell will be performing live at Courthouse Youth Arts Saturday 2nd March from 7:30 PM.