The artistic journey can at times be a lonely and tough one. It’s also an industry where your work is heavily open to public discourse and opinions. But aside from all that, the positives far outweigh the negatives and art is a highly rewarding, cathartic and inspiring thing to be a part of.

We had a chat to previous exhibiting Courthouse Youth Arts artists on the biggest lessons they’ve learnt on their journey.

Frances Cannon, artist

Not everyone will love your work, and that’s ok!

Miranda Jarvis, artist

The biggest lesson I have learnt has been to have confidence in my practice. Make work that you are passionate about, not work that you think someone else wants you to make. In saying that, take feedback on board. Sometimes other people look at your ideas and allow a fresh perspective that you may not have thought of. Allow yourself to ‘fail’ and learn through making. Also, be brave enough to put certain ideas aside, not everything has to manifest straight away.

Jack Grayson, illustrator + animator

The biggest lesson I’ve had in my journey as an artist and creator is to focus on creating what you like. Just to be cliche, when you do what you love it doesn’t really feel like work. I’ve found that if I’m working on pieces or jobs that I’m not as interested in or passionate about I don’t enjoy what I’m doing and it’s actually quite a negative experience for me. When I focus on creating things I’m interested in it works out better for both me and the work; I’m more satisfied with what I do, and the work is better for it.

Joshua Maxwell de Hoog, artist

I’m learning lessons every day, but something I hold on to very dearly is to be proactive. The world is big, there is many avenues to show your art, make sure you’re trying to utilise as many of those different avenues as you can! Have fun, keep making what you’re doing, and always be trying new mediums! Life is great when you’re learning.

Fila Losi, artist

To be confident in your creations and be proud of what you have achieved.

Dean de Landre, artist

At times just needing to find ways to stay motivated, productive and also thinking of new ideas. I find setting achieveable goals at the start of the year and returning to them throughout has really helped me.

Georgia Naughton, artist

Don’t force anything. A lot of the magic happens when you decide to have a break and take some time to enjoy other things. Also if you create something and absolutely can’t stand it, leave it for a little bit then keep working on it. A lot of my most favourite creations I’ve made have been made from something I couldn’t stand initially.

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