Recently performing as a soloist, Johanna’s music echos her life. There’s sadness, happiness and the moments in-between.

She’ll be performing on stage with Momoko Rose at the Geelong Show this weekend. We had a chat with her below about her music, the industry and her journey so far.

Can you please tell us a bit about your band/act/artist?

The music I write is very contemplative, and a continuous exploration of myself and life. Some of my songs are enlightening and have a positive feel, some of it is written in really dark hours, and some of it is neither happy nor sad, but all of it is completely honest and about being human. My music feels to me how life feels to me.

How long have you been performing?

I have been performing since 2012 in various acts which has helped me gain confidence to start focusing more on my solo act. Lately I have been working with some great musicians and artists and it has been so inspiring to share and expand ideas together. I feel that some of the best things about working with a band are being able to share myself to such accepting and confiding people. But also for them to help powerfully express the things I feel, that they also feel in their own way.

Do you remember your first gig and what was it like?

I remember my first gig was absolutely terrifying, but as soon as I walked off stage I wanted to perform again. My songs sounded a lot more innocent and inexperienced than how they do now, and performing them was so confronting. I was really easily embarrassed and ashamed about expressing myself, but I did the best I could at the time because I got a thrill out of it, and I kept finding more joy after each gig and every song I wrote. There is something so liberating yet terrifying about expressing really raw and personal parts of myself to an audience, in pure daylight. It’s scary, but I love it.

What can we expect to see from your performance at the Geelong Show?

I will be teaming up with Momoko Rose to play a set full of both of our songs. We have been really determined since we met to learn each other’s music out of admiration. We share a really dreamy outlook on life which makes playing music together just so much fun. We will both have our guitars, acoustic percussion and be singing about nature and being human…

Who’s another Geelong act (or from around the region) you’d love to collaborate with and why?

Recently I launched a single called “Unnecessary” for which artists of all kinds created their interpretations of the song, and I had exhibited all of the works at Analogue Academy on the night of the launch. This was so inspiring for me, for the reason that I could relate to others through my song, but also that people could express themselves, be inspired by the song, and inspire others by their artworks. It was kind of like a gift that keeps on giving. I would love to collaborate with anybody that hunts for beauty in life, or is just simply passionate about art and expressing honestly. There is nothing better than that.

What do you think of the current state of the Geelong Music Industry and where do you think it is headed?

I think there has been a lot of awareness raised recently about the music scene in Geelong and I just think it’s awesome to see so many new opportunities for artists and the creative community supporting each other. It would be great to have more music and art on display around Geelong, but each year is getting better. I believe that there are enough passionate people around with the drive to make it happen.

What are you social links so people can follow you?


Image by Patrick Callow Photography. 

Johanna will be performing with Momoko Rose along with other local acts at the Geelong Show on October 20-22.