This year Courthouse Youth Arts and Freeza have teamed up with the Geelong Show to bring a line up of emerging and talented local artists to the event.

Corey Cookson is one of the acts we have booked, get to know a little bit more about him below!

Can you please tell us a bit about your act?

My solo work is a combination of a lot of my favourite genres, all played acoustically. After a lot of time performing in rock bands, the idea of getting to play pop, rock, and blues songs all on acoustic guitar was something that I was really excited about and I’ve really loved every moment of it so far.

How long have you been performing? 

I have been performing in general since mid 2013 but have been working solo in this project for a little over a year.

What can we expect to see from your performance at the Geelong Show? 

For my set at the Geelong Show you can expect to see me performing a number of tracks from my EP ‘Hum Drum’ that I released earlier this year, as well as a few new tracks. I really love to bring a lot of energy to my performances and having the chance to perform at such a beloved local event makes me even more excited to bring the energy and fun on the day.

Do you remember your first gig and what it was like?

The first gig I ever played technically was with a band that was set up through my primary school when I was about 10. We were an acoustic band but our teacher booked us to play at a local festival type thing that was set up at the school. Because all of the instruments were acoustic and none of them could be plugged in to anything, no one could hear us. It was by far one of the most embarrassing live experiences of my life but it really makes me very thankful every time I play a set that lets me plug my guitar in.

Who’s a Geelong band you’d love to collaborate with and why? 

I’m actually really lucky that in some regard or another I have been able to work with a lot of really talented Geelong musicians but I think, as the line up for this event shows, the Geelong music scene is in a really great place at the moment and new exciting musicians are showing up very week. With that being said if I had to pick some one specifically I would probably say Isabella Khalife who is actually playing after me on the day. Isabella is a friend of mine and she did help me out a little bit with a track on ‘Hum Drum’, but I would love to work with her in a more official capacity. We have talked about working together before but nothing has ever come of it. Maybe if I keep telling people that I want to work with her, I can speak it in to existence.

What do you think of the current state of the Geelong music industry and where do you think it’s headed? 

Like I was saying earlier, I really think the Geelong music scene is really heading in the right place. When I started performing, it was a really quiet time for local music and it felt very difficult to find any opportunity or many really great local bands and soloists, but I think – especially in the last couple of years – that it is really starting to change.

I would still love to see more opportunity for local musicians to thrive and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see that sooner rather than later.
Everyone who loves music and would like to see more of it just has to remember to go out to gigs on the weekend and support local artists.
Nothing will change if there isn’t support from the local community.

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Image by Patrick Callow Photography. 

Corey will be playing the In Bloom stage at the Geelong Show set for October 20-22.