Over the weekend, Izzy Losi launched her band’s vinyl at Courthouse Youth Arts alongside other emerging bands Hiddenite and Mae Udarbe. But it was by no means her first experience performing here. Currently the music intern at CHYA (as well as a performing musician in Izzy Losi and the Auracles), Izzy has performed multiple times at the venue with her most memorable experience as support for Mia Dyson.

“That was a huge confidence boost for me,” Izzy says of the 2012 gig. “That I could play this huge gig in front of lots of people in a nice space and have them listen and to not be drinking or distracted was amazing.”

Having also been a member of the Arts Advisory Panel in 2012, her experience from first attending CHYA as a teenager to working as the music intern has meant she’s seen the venue evolve and the many opportunities it has offered young people.

“I’ve always felt this place has been a nurturing arts space where you can make mistakes, and be with other like-minded young people. I think that’s what drew me to it,” she says.

Returning to CHYA this year as the music intern, and with her experience in the industry, Izzy has been helping fellow local musicians forge a pathway for their careers with performance opportunities, workshops and other exciting events. One of her biggest achievements since interning was setting up the Fresh Music Nights, which enables emerging, local musicians a chance to perform in their hometown.

“For me I think it’s nice for them to have a connection with Courthouse and see it as a positive place. I’d like to see more scope too, so events for emerging and established artists as well. I still think it’s really important we stay under the 26 bracket as much as we can – to assist those emerging artists,” Izzy says.

“People who just need the space to feel space. Being safe is really important.”

Izzy admits that she too is still developing as an artist, but through her experience at CHYA it’s a chance to develop in a different direction. The experience has meant she has worked on the organisational end for events, rather than as the musician trying to get on the line up.

“I’m really thankful that this place can see the work that I have done with other people. I think that’s really empowering and building upon other skills of learning and knowledge and I hope I can keep doing it,” she says.

This year, one of her focuses has become on expanding her music interests – both in personal and professional. A discovery came with her recent love for Dead Letter Circus, which just so happens to be her favourite vinyl at the moment.

“I saw them live and it’s a band I probably wouldn’t see, but they did an acoustic stripped back show and I was like holey moley these guys are amazing. They’re so professional and good and they just motivate you to do better. Hearing them on vinyl you can tell they’re so talented,” she says.

Otherwise, talent closer to home she’s admiring and has discovered come with Surf Coast band Phaedo and the Tiny Giants. But ultimately, she admires local, Australian talent in general and admits, “Everyone has got their own journey and you’ve just got to keep working on it”.

You can follow more of Izzy’s musical journey here.

The next music-based event at Courthouse Youth Arts is the Sound Production Workshop set for Wednesday, September 27. Find out more information and RSVP here.