Reimagining Hokusai

by Darcy Whitworth

Opening night: Wednesday 13th June 6PM – 8PM
Exhibition runs until July 11th

Reimagining Hokusai is a celebration of the mastery of the Japanese Woodblock Print or Ukiyo-e.  Moreover, it is a means to re-create works by internationally renowned artist, Katsushika Hokusai, who is regarded as one of the most influential and creative minds in the history of Japanese art. This selection of works features many of Hokusai’s famous pieces including abstract versions of “The Great Wave of Kanagawa,” (1829-1833) and “A Tour of Japanese Waterfalls.” (1833-34) A 0.03-point copic fine liner was utilised to create these pieces, incorporating a range of different patterns to depict light and change of form within the works. Overall, upon viewing these works I hope that everyone will be able to recognise the distinctly unique shapes of Hokusai’s art as well as my own additions to these masterpieces.

Darcy Whitworth is a 23-year-old Bachelor of Arts Student from Monash University, with a passion for Japanese culture, art and people. She is currently undertaking her Honours examining changing variation in contemporary Japanese speech patterns. Like her research into the Japanese language, her art is an examination of perception. Darcy has undertaken projects investigating the characteristics of Japanese architecture, film and nature through a selection of intensely detailed works. Through fine dots and lines, she seeks to re-examine objects within the Japanese environment, altering the way in which these items of culture are viewed by adding her own abstraction.

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