An exhibition by Michelle Clarke

Show dates:

Opening: Friday 26th May (7-9pm)

Show: 26th May – 23rd June

Artist’s statement/bio

Across all mediums, Michelle reveals the beauty of the natural environment whilst acknowledging our relationship with nature. She seeks to understand and generate discussion around the subsequent impact we have on the land and it’s inhabitants.

Imagination and creativity consistently informs Michelle’s practice. Her meditative, yet methodical approach is supported by her artistic ability to balance and place colours, marks and subject matter in a way that is visually appealing to her. Michelle’s watercolour works are influenced by her love of bright colours, using line and detail to create whimsical naturalistic scenes. Her photography predominantly explores reflections within nature, which distort and abstract her surroundings.

For Michelle, art is an outlet of self- expression, a means of emotionally processing events within her life and communicating what is important to her.

Exhibition description

I Wish looks to brighten your day, with a playful interactive exhibition that invites you to experience Michelle’s first children’s book.

I Wish’s purpose is to celebrate and encourage creativity and imagination. The book focuses on moments and experiences featuring a young girl living out a collection of wishes. These are inspired by Michelle’s imagination and her own childhood wishes.

Michelle believes the imagination of every individual should be highly valued and expressed freely, especially that of a child. Not only is imagination a wonderful ability to explore and strengthen, it also is linked to important life skills such as creative thinking, independent thinking and working collaboratively.

Nature is also seen to inspire the children’s book, promoting education of the outdoors and capturing the beauty of the natural environment.

Enjoy exploring Michelle’s wishes and expanding your own imagination!