An exhibition by Dean De Landre

Harvest is a collection of paintings derived from the national park posters used as advertisement throughout the western world during the early/mid twentieth century. By using these as a starting point, removing the overlaying text, and reinserting other found images I hope to make unexpected and compelling compositions. Through the use of collage and different painting techniques these posters have a new and re-imagined life in a contemporary setting, whilst celebrating their past as great relics of 20th century design.

Dean De Landre is a painter and photographer interested in the relationship between popular culture and the natural world. Through found images and his own, De Landre seeks to look at how people relate to our natural surroundings through books, movies, video games, cultural ephemera and how this has changed over time.

Opening night – Wednesday March 28, 6–8pm (FREE EVENT, all welcome)

This exhibition runs March 28th–April 27th, 2018
CHYA Gallery
60 Little Malop St, Geelong.