Geelong After Dark – ‘Spirit of the Land’

Spirit of the Land

The spirit of the land calls us here

Time ebbs, time flows

Echoes of songs from far away in the fabric of these walls

Distant cries, laughter still linger in the hall

The silent heart beat of shadows whose fate brought them here

It’s just the sound of light passing… there’s no need to fear.



Join us as we march the streets leading to Courthouse Youth Arts.

Blend your voice with those voices that echo from the streets of old.

From the steps of CHYA you will be spirited into the theatre,

to a time before colonization, before bricks and the ‘law’ –

before the Before.


Here you may hear the sound of light passing

A place of judgement becomes a place of fun,

A creative and dreaming space for the young.


Join us in Ceremony, Protest, Theatre and Song –

The doors will open twice, every hour on the gong –

May 5 – You are hereby summoned – it’ll only take 1O

Outside the Old Courthouse – We’ll see you then!


Geelong After Dark at the Courthouse is a collaboration between Nobody’s Fool Theatre, Norm Jurrawaa Stanley and Courthouse Youth Arts.


Nobody’s Fool Theatre is a partnership between

Somebody’s Daughter Theatre, Newcomb Secondary College, Barwon Child

Youth and Family and Courthouse Youth Arts.

What is Geelong After Dark?

Geelong After Dark is Central Geelong’s annual night of arts.  The streets, laneways and venues of Geelong’s CBD and transformed into a display of light and creativity. Explore the city and be surprised by a jam-packed program of exciting and unique pop up performances, installations and arts experiences. It’s on for one night only and this year’s theme is the The Sound of Light.  For more information, go to

How to get involved …

Geelong After Dark is an event for all ages and abilities.  The event runs from 6pm – 10pm on Friday 5th May.  CHYA will host various activities, including ‘Light Conversation’, and ‘Spirit of the Land’

Photo Credit – Leikography