Jack Paterson and Ilaria Yakimov

Opening night: Friday 8th June 6PM – 8PM
Exhibition runs until July 6th

Antiquity is a visual exploration of objects which hold significant insights to how both artists contemplate the very nature of art— as something contrary to impermanence, political, or individual feeling. The idea of art relating to the fallacious self-seeking artist ego typecast and ‘anything can be labelled art’ attitude are superseded by notions of antiquity, purity, and virtue— the basics of art.

While both Paterson and Yakimov take differing approaches and areas of experience into their works, both artists remain steadfast in their commitment to technical skill over postmodern doublethink— and an ability to bring the beauty of the ancient into the contemporary world. There is no cynicism, irony, or any asking of unanswered questions to the viewer— the artists only hope to elucidate on the potential power of art to harness the core of a common human expression.

Jack Paterson is a predominantly self-taught traditional artist who works with a variety of media, from sculpture, drawing, print and painting. Paterson’s main strength is his draughtsmanship which all his work regardless of medium stems from. Sourcing inspiration from nature and painting from life. He is most inspired by Old Masters and 19th Century Russian art, in addition to French Neoclassicism and Impressionists such as Arthur Streeton— as well as modern art movements like Pop Art. A strong reliance of drawing underpins these art movements regardless of subject matter and medium, drawing for jack is an instinctive desire to come to terms with reality through visual mark making, which has been utilised since the Primitive Lascaux caves paintings, created approximately 17,000 years ago. Jack has completed his Diploma of Visual arts and is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Visual Arts with a minor in Philosophy.

Ilaria Yakimov is a self-taught multi-disciplinary artist specialising in graphite drawing and acrylic painting which to her are the most ‘telling’ mediums of our time. Having completed a double major in Art History and Ancient World Studies at The University of Melbourne, and currently undertaking her Honours year in the latter, she brings with her a broad and concise theoretical understanding of art history spanning the origins of humanity to contemporaneity. Viewing art predominately through the lens of her upbringing and practical experience with Eastern Orthodox icon painting, Yakimov aims to reconcile her understanding of mimetic art for functional purpose with contemporary notions of a white cube separation between the wider world and “art for art’s sake”. Her influences encompass visual culture prior to the Renaissance, with a specific penchant for the aesthetics of artefacts originating in Bronze and Iron Age Anatolia, Mesopotamia, and the Levant.

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