Thrill Of The Chase by Annabelle Mannings

Solo Exhibition

Opening night: Friday 17th August 6PM – 8PM
Exhibition runs until September 14th

Annabelle Mannings is an emerging artist specialising in oil painting and graphite work. She is influenced by traditional and contemporary portraiture and landscape painting. She finds inspiration in the sky, the open air and people’s faces. annabelle works to refine her skill-set and eventually master Fine Art. Annabelle has a fascination for the process of transforming a surface into an image built from the illusion of colour and light. Outside of her art, she is an avid Legend of Zelda fan and lives with her husband and tribe of four cats. And yes, it is a nightmare getting that cat fur out of her varnish!

‘This exhibition started off with a set of ideas that I intended to work to. The closer the time came, I realised that as an artist my mission is to learn and continually improve. I am fascinated with the process of building an illusion with colour and value. This fascination drives my desire to refine my skill-set, to see how far I can take my work. What you see here is a result of that drive: months of playing in my studio, recapturing the real reason I create- because I love the thrill of the chase.’ Annabelle Mannings 

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