Welcome back to the CHYA’s blog. Today we will be looking at some of the cool things that CHYA has done over the past few years. However, there’s just so much content to choose from, so we’re just going to pick out a few of our favourites!

Voicebox – I Am was a performance held in 2016 by the Creative Collective. Drawing from the novel Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath, the Collective’s writing specialist joined forces with three other writers from the Geelong community and created a fascinating and unnerving piece of theatre. I Am was nothing like anything else that had come before it, and was a truly jaw-dropping performance.

Another one of our favourite events was Jolt. Jolt was a 24 hour competition that was held by the Creative Collective during Youth Week. The competition incorporated visual arts, writing and film. The contests were to come in at 6 pm on the Friday before Youth Week, where they would be given a stimulus (an idea or thought that their piece had to display) and they had until 6 pm the next day to their creative piece to CHYA. The pieces were then displayed within the CHYA gallery through Youth Week, until the following week when a winner for each of the three categories was announced. Jolt gave artists, writers and film makers alike the chance to not only have their work displayed within the CHYA gallery but also the chance to win wonderful prizes.

The third of our favourite events was Lumos. Lumos was an interactive art event that was held in 2015 during the Geelong After Dark event. Lumos was an interactive art display, where people were asked to come into the gallery and pour glow-in-the-dark paint over a premade structure. This event gave people of all backgrounds the chance to be involved in a piece of artwork that was contributed to by more than one hundred other people.

We hope you liked some of our events over the last few years!

Were you there for any of them? Did you get the chance to contribute to Lumos, or view the shocking and confronting Voicebox? Or did you pull an all-nighter to be a part of Jolt? If you didn’t, keep an eye out for some of our events in the future!

Thanks for reading and your support.

The CHYA team.