Growing up as a creative child, Abbey Dempster often spent her time making cards and letters that she would send out to family and friends. Also part of the Sweethearts music program, Abbey had many creative outlets throughout her younger years. However, while studying para-medicine her creative ventures were put on hold, and it wasn’t until an unexpected illness and the resultant 10-week recovery period where Abbey reignited her passion for the arts.

“In that 10 weeks I just picked it up again, I don’t really know what caused me to do that,” Abbey says.

“It just gave me something to do and I remembered how much I loved it. I think I put that part of my brain away while I was doing Para-medicine… I think I kind of shut myself off to all the creative side. I forgot how much I loved to just sit down and paint and just enjoy the colours.”

From those 10 weeks, Abbey shaped what would be the beginnings of her exhibition ‘Colour Therapy’ at Courthouse Youth Arts. Ultimately, that period marked the return to her creative side.

“I use clashing colours, bright colours and things you don’t normally put together, and it was kind of therapy when I was recovering. I really enjoyed it and it really took my mind off everything. I can definitely see where I was at when I was doing them.”

While this newer work is quite different from the Christmas cards Abbey was shaping as a child, her pieces have evolved and have grown to reflect her love for colour.

Currently working with acrylic and watercolour paints and exploring the different techniques in application, Abbey is open to developing her style with these different mediums.

One of Abbey’s favourite things in the creative process is seeing the difference between the very first stroke of colour and the finish product – and it’s something she often shares with her followers online.

“I like to post process photos, when you start something and how it turns out in the end. It can look so boring or something else at the start and then at the end it looks completely different.”

Returning again to her art and music, you can expect plenty of creative materials to be coming from Abbey. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

Abbey’s exhibition ‘Colour Therapy’ was on show at Courthouse Youth Arts from March 7 to April 4.

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Main image by Leikography.