Performing around the Geelong region and beyond for around three years now, City at Midnight will surely be a familiar name (and sound).

Heading to the Geelong Show this weekend as part of the In Bloom line up, we had a chat to the band so you have the down low before seeing them in the flesh – while juggling some showbags and fairy floss of course.

Can you please tell us a bit about your act?

Our act is a compilation of “out there dudes” trying to create an original sound that reflects the personalities of each member.

How long have you been performing?

Almost exactly 3 years.

Do you remember your first gig and what was it like?

Our first gig was at a community event in front of about 30 older people sitting in chairs looking rather confused

What can we expect to see from your performance at the Geelong Show?

You can expect high energy, on point harmonies and chilled out vibes.

Who’s another Geelong act (or from around the region) you’d love to collaborate with and why?

We’d like to collaborate with Olly Friend as he is the most original bloke going round.
And we would also like to collab with jorja, she opened for one of our single launches and she has such an amazing voice.

You can find them on Facebook and triple j unearthed.

Image by Lucinda Goodwin Photography. 

City At Midnight are performing on the In Bloom stage at the Geelong Show alongside other talented local acts from October 20-22.