Set for its first performance on November 30, Submit. She Whispers is the newest Voicebox production taking place at Courthouse Youth Arts and our biggest for the year.

A collaborative effort between Courthouse Youth Arts and Somebody’s Daughter Theatre Co, the project sees around 18 young people work together in creating a show – with everything from script to set design developed amongst the group.

Based on the modern day interactions from the artists’ real lives, the story explores the digital world and how easy it is to plug in, but also the opportunities that present themselves when you unplug from the digital world and actually connect and interact with those around you.

“It’s about people finding their way and reconnecting again,” artistic director Kharen says. “There’s a lot of truth telling but there’s also a lot of humour. And there’s something bigger than all of them that brings it together, and that’s about the environment.”

Show dates open to the public:
Friday, December 1 – 7.30pm
Saturday, December 2 – 4.30pm & 7.30pm
Sunday, December 3 – 4pm

Tickets are $10 each. For more information click here and for tickets click here or call 03 5224 2815.

Image from previous Voicebox by Daniel Longo.