Automaton by Sophia D’Urso and Travis Don

AUTOMATON by Sophia D'Urso + Travis Don

AUTOMATON is an experimental exploration of video and sound installation in space. Each vinyl banner strung in the space presents an automated film which has be reconstructed in a number of sequences showing the artist performing to the viewer. The films have no set sequence and lack narrative, however distinctly transform the existing space through their overly stimulating motion visuals and sound. The performer moves to automated sounds, far removed from its original soundscape in a mechanical and at times humorous manner. As the installation lacks structural narrative, the infinite performance becomes a control mechanism designed to follow a predetermined sequence of operations.During the process of AUTOMATON, Sophia D’Urso collaborated with Travis Don to explore the process of Sound Design and Film. Together they experimented with a wide range of recording techniques, audio engineer processes and technical mishaps. Through the process of interdisciplinary collaboration they were able to produce a synthetic soundscape for the project.