Even the greatest artist has received a bit of help from their peers. In this instalment of our advice from local artists, we take a look at the advice they were given by other artists in their own journey.

Frances Cannon, artist

A lesson I’ve learned from being surrounded by other artists, is that a community of artists is so important. My artist friends are a huge part of my practice as we bounce ideas off each other and support each other and give each other advice. I think finding an artist community is the best way to grow as an artist.

Miranda Jarvis, artist

The best advice that has been instilled in me is to engage with play in my practice. This isn’t to say that your practice needs to be lighthearted and fun all the time, but to not always take your ideas and work so seriously. Enjoy what you’re doing and what you’re making.

Jack Grayson, illustrator + animator

I’ve been given a lot of great advice over the last few years, but the best tips I’ve gotten have come from feedback I’ve recieved from my assignments at Uni. The best advice I’ve gotten is to try new things. I’d always been very stuck in my ways in regards to style and mediums – until I was pushed out of my comfort zone and made to work in different ways and with different tools. I think my work has improved exponentially since I started Uni, and it’s mostly because I’ve experimented a lot and tried lots of different ideas with my work. It’s advice that’s gotten me to a place where I’m really happy with how my drawings and animations look.

Joshua Maxwell de Hoog, artist

The best advice, is a ‘thank you’. Encouragement keeps you going like nothing else. Much more than sales, much more than getting your name known. Make sure you bring up your friends who are creating alongside, and take the time to accept peoples’ compliments. What you’re doing is essential, even when it doesn’t feel like it!

Fila Losi, artist

There will always be people who love your work and some who do not, but don’t let that waver your confidence or stop you from creating.

Dean de Landre, artist

I guess it’s pretty standard advice but It’s always resonated with me: Just making as much stuff as possible. I aim to do a little bit of art every day (I never succeed) but I think it keeps me motivated in getting stuff done. A lot of artists I admire are super prolific so it’s something I strive for.
Another good piece of advice I was given is not worrying too much about your own work in relation to others or whether it’s bad or good but just making sure you’re enjoying the process. I think art should be fun!

Georgia Naughton, artist

Do your own thing and know your worth. Yes it may not be what’s popular and ‘on trend’, but you will be authentic and a point of different to everyone else. Don’t compare yourself to other artists on Instagram. It doesn’t mean that they are more talented than you if they have more followers, it’s just the luck of the draw and good marketing.

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Main image by Patrick Callow Photography.