Our building is a happy traffic of people and ideas.

Courthouse Youth Arts is Geelong’s only multi-form cultural organisation dedicated to artistic outcomes by and for people aged 26 and under.

Since opening in 1996, we’ve advocated for youth arts practice and provided young and emerging artists with opportunities to try different artforms and develop their craft.
Geelong possesses exciting emerging film makers, visual artists and performers. It has a rich history in music and surf culture and Courthouse Youth Arts artistic programs harness this heritage and provide a platform for new arts action in this city.

In order to create outstanding work, there must be a community of trust and encouragement. We want to grow a new culture of creation and in order to do this COURTHOUSE YOUTH ARTS must feed the needs of existing artists to show that it is possible to live a creative life in regional Victoria.

CHYA provides a platform for young and emerging artists to take creative risk and to conceive relevant and contemporary programming in a creative and inclusive environment.

Courthouse Youth Arts was created in 1996, with the intention of becoming a culture and arts hub for the youth of Geelong. Today, we strive to be at the leading edge of the Geelong arts scene. Our aim is to give Geelong’s youth a place where they can come be themselves and have fun, as well as give them the chance to unleash their creative side for the whole world to see.

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