Mobilising and emboldening the next generation to take creative risks, explode boundaries, develop critical works and be a powerful voice in global contemporary ideas and actions. 


Working across multiple creative platforms, we champion a new generation of thinkers, makers, risk-takers and agitators.

We lead this through our program of events, exhibitions and performances, while providing a support framework including mentorship, collaboration, residency programs and workshops. 

Through our broad creative program of established and emerging art forms; young people are given the opportunity to develop their own works and practice, or be a part of an inclusive, diverse creative community. 


1.   Leadership
CHYA promotes leadership through capable, connected and visionary arts workers. We recognise and nurture the talent and abilities of young people in the Geelong region, mentoring the next generation of arts leaders.

2.   Creative Risk & Experimentation
We provide a dynamic space for people to take artistic risks and challenge conventions. We support the development of bold and experimental work.

3.   Inclusivity & Diversity
CHYA is a space of respect, tolerance and inclusion. We provide an inclusive environment for people to feel supported and safe, both as individuals and through their creative output. We aim to seek the voices of everyone in our community, and strive to engage groups and individuals that might otherwise not have access to broad creative opportunities.

4.   Community
We seek to always expand our community and develop our cultural city by connecting people, providing opportunities and looking for new collaborations. We establish and nourish a strong collective of creative voices that inform our programs.

5.   Advocacy
We empower young people at CHYA to participate in our programs and develop their own practice and work. We champion these people out in the wider community.

6. Professionalism & Accountability
CHYA implement good governance to ensure our ongoing viability. Recognition of core ethical responsibilities, including loyalty, transparency, diligence, punctuality and impartiality.